Name *
Espresso machine is clean; groupheads, portafilters, and steam wands have been purged and cleaned; knockbox has been washed *
All empty and low gelato trays in the case have been restocked *
All surfaces wiped down and stools stacked *
Scapes and all other dishes have been washed and placed on drying rack *
Trash has been taken out and trash bags have been replaced *
Sinks and bleach bucket have been drained; sink area has been wiped down *
Tips paid out, cash drawer is counted, drawer has been closed, and cash set back to $167.50 *
Upright freezer is restocked and labeled with 24 flavors *
All boxes and other recycling/trash have been taken to the trash outside *
Lay dirty rags out to dry *
Lights including the upstairs and gelato case lights have been turned off, and the doors are locked *
Clock out *