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Gelatista of the Month: Kelly Forman

At Iorio's we're thankful for the hard work and positive energy our gelatistas bring to our stores each day. As November draws to a close, we'd like to introduce our first Gelatista of the Month: Kelly Forman! Thanks for all your hard work, Kelly! Continue reading below for her interview...

What is your favorite gelato flavor?  

Lemoncello!  It is such a unique and delicious flavor.  Lemoncello is a great mix of lemon tartness but also smooth creaminess, and there really isn’t any ice cream flavor like it.  I’m guilty of sneaking extra samples when it’s in our store.

How long have you been on the Iorio’s Team and what keeps you coming back?

I have been on the Iorio’s Team since May 2013!  Iorio’s is simply one of my favorite places to be on campus.  It’s right off of the Diag but still has a slightly off-campus feel to it, resulting in a great mix of students and Ann Arbor residents coming in and out and a great way to feel a strong connection to the overall Ann Arbor community.

It truly is a rare day that someone walks into our store unhappy; they are about to eat delicious gelato, how could they not be smiling?  I have worked at Iorio’s throughout my college years and even beyond because it truly is a fun and positive work environment. In working at Iorio’s, I am able to take part in making someone’s day a little bit brighter which is a pretty priceless experience.

When you’re not scooping gelato or brewing espresso, what can we find you doing?

I am often traveling back and forth to the Ross School of Business, where I attended undergrad and have worked as a TA and administrative assistant.  You might also see me running around campus; I try not to eat too much gelato but it is somewhat irresistible, so the running helps me keep myself in check!

What’s one thing about you that customers would be surprised to know?

Customers may be surprised to know that while I consider myself quite knowledgeable about all espresso drinks and how to make them, I do not drink coffee!  I for some reason dislike the taste and have just never been too interested in it.  However, this does not stop me from enjoying making espresso drinks that customers will find delicious!  Have you tried a Nutella Latte lately?  You really should try it.

If you could create one dream gelato flavor, what would it be?

Lemoncello Stracciatella.  This wouldn’t be a mix of two traditional Italian flavors, a Lemoncello gelato base with dark chocolate flakes.  Lemon+chocolate=greatness, right?  I’m not exactly sure because I’ve never had it before, but I think I can envision the greatness.  In fact, I’d better heckle our owner Nick to get this flavor in the store ASAP...