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Iorio's Alumni Update: Hestia Mayes

When a person joins the Iorio's family, they become a gelatista for life. Manager Alex Scharf sat down with one such gelatista, Hestia Mayes, who we're thrilled to have back with us this summer. Check out the full interview below!

When did you work at Iorio's?

I worked at Iorio's from May 2012 to June 2015. 

What have you been up to since?

After I graduated from U of M in 2014, I did a one year Americorps program called City Year in Detroit (during which time I still worked at Iorio's on the weekends). Then, in summer 2015, I started a grad program at the University of Pennsylvania. I just graduated with my Master's of Education last month. This fall, I'll be teaching second grade in Philly!

How did you end up there?

My Americorps program, City Year, was focused on improving the education of kids in urban areas. Through this experience, I realized how much I absolutely love working with children. I also realized just how essential a solid elementary education is, yet so many students don't get the education they deserve. These factors encouraged me to become a teacher! I sought out an urban-focused education program and ended up at Penn--and then ended up loving Philly so much that I decided to start my teaching career there!

Have you been back to Ann Arbor since? What brought you back?

I'm actually from Ferndale, just outside Detroit, so I'm less than an hour away from Ann Arbor. I'm around AA all the time, usually to eat at one of AA's many amazing restaurants (I make most of my decisions based on food). And, as of three weeks ago, I'm officially an Iorio's employee again! I'll be working at Iorio's until I start my teaching job this fall. 

What is your favorite flavor of gelato?

I have worked at Iorio's for so long that I've truly seen them all, but if I had to choose, I would say it's a tie between Red Velvet and Limoncello. 

Yes or yes, Iorio's is the best job you've ever had?

I guess I'm gonna have to go with yes... but really, considering I couldn't stay away for more than a year, you know my love for Iorio's is real. When I make the transition from dealing with 24 gelato flavors to dealing with 24 students this fall, I'll let you know how it ranks then.