Iorio's Gelato Blog

We were thrilled to welcome back some of our favorite gelatista alums during this year's Ann Arbor Art Fair. Manager Alex Scharf sat down with one Iorio's alum, Robert Pan, to see what he's been up to since he ventured out into the real world.

When did you work at Iorio's?

I started at Iorio's May, 2012 and put in my last formal shift around April, 2015 (I think?). I like to stay in touch though. I also wouldn't call it work!

What have you been up to since?

I graduated from U of M shortly after leaving Iorio's and then shipped out to Chicago to start my job as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. I also traveled quite a bit during that time and took separate trips to China and Vietnam.

How did you end up there? 

I majored in Business at U of M and didn't really know what I wanted to do so I just picked the job in which I could do a bit of everything - Consulting. Chicago was also a pretty easy location pick for the next phase of my life; love that city.

Have you been back to Ann Arbor since? What brought you back?

I try to go back to Ann Arbor pretty frequently, it's not too far from Chicago and I conveniently travel to Michigan for work some weeks. I go back to visit my parents and my dog but I definitely go back for the gelato too. In fact, I was just back in Ann Arbor a few weeks ago to help out Iorio's with the Ann Arbor Art Fair in mid-July!

What is your favorite flavor of gelato?

Wow, really tough question. I guess if I had to choose...I'd go with the Nutella Cheesecake. 

Yes or yes, Iorio's is the best job you've ever had?

To be fair, I don't really consider Iorio's a job; scaping gelato isn't work! But yes, Iorio's has been better than any other job that I've had.