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Gelato Fiat


Iorio's Gelato is proud to introduce our Gelato Fiat. You may be wondering what a Gelato Fiat is. We sat down with its manager, Catie, to get a better idea.

Who came up with the idea of a Gelato Fiat?

"Mary and Nick Lemmer, the founders of Iorio's, are the masterminds behind the Gelato Fiat, and I'm so glad that they handed this project off to me".

How long did the project take to come together?

"It took quite a while, about a few months on my end, to plan and build the Fiat, and we're so thrilled it's finally on the road!"

What is the plan for the Fiat, what is its purpose?

"The plan for the Gelato Fiat is for it to travel far and wide. It's the Iorio's Italian gelato experience we know an love, but on wheels! We want to bring this experience to festivals, markets, and all sorts of events".

Where does the Fiat live?

"Right now the Fiat lives at the warehouse where we make our gelato, so it can be close to the gelato and ready to go at any time". 

Michigan was once an auto empire. Why was a foreign car (Fiat) chosen?

"It's really important that Iorio's sticks to its Italian roots, so we thought an Italian Fiat would be the perfect fit. After all, the business is named after Nick and Mary's Italian grandmother". 

How many flavors does the Fiat hold?

"The Fiat can hold up to 8 flavors depending on amount of gelato".

Can I hire the Fiat for my event?

"Of course! We'd love to come to your event! Just go to for more information or email".