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Need a place to study?


What more needs to be said? Cramming, all nighters, exams, and projects call for caffeine. And Iorio’s has the best of it, serving all Zingerman’s Coffee and Rishi hot tea. Authentically hand-made coffee drinks, specializing in 5 unique brew methods (including French press), we make coffee just for you, made to order.

2. The two best words in the English language: FREE PARKING.

What’s the worst part about campus? Let’s say it all together now: the parking. Just thinking about it makes me groan. Finding the perfect study spot is no longer plagued with quarters, meters, or tickets. Our lot is completely open to students, as it should be. No need to add more stress to already the most stressful week of the year. 

3. Treat yo’self to homemade GELATO and non-dairy SORBETTOS.

Oh yeah, we’re a gelato shop. Did we forget to mention that? So on top of our gourmet coffee drinks, we serve a variety of creamy gelato, not to be confused with ice cream. No, unlike ice cream, gelato is densely packed with flavor, so say goodbye to brain freezes. It’s also lower in fat than ice cream, using primarily milk instead of cream. And our sorbettos are so packed with fresh fruit, you’ll think you’re eating the real thing. Don’t believe us? Try a sample, or 10. We won’t stop you.

4. The other two best words in the English language: FREE WIFI.

Not only is our wifi free of payment or top-secret passwords, it’s fiber. It’s that top level wifi you’ve only dreamed about. Imagine a world with free, high-level fiber wifi. And then come over to Iorio’s and live in that world.

5.     Our studying space has one thing the library doesn’t: SPACE.

Right now, Iorio’s is the best kept secret around town, so we’re not yet packed with near-panicked freshman looking for a single chair to sit in, let alone an entire table. Also, we’re a café, so people come in and out, and you’ll be sure to find a spot. Come in and cram all night, without being crammed literally.  

6.     No headphones? No problem. We have speakers hooked up all around playing your favorite study jams.

The right study jam can completely transform your mood and turn even the most unmotivated into an elite study machine. Here at Iorio’s, we can play your favorite Pandora radio, Spotify song, album, or anything else your heart desires. In the meantime, we’ll play the most relaxing and chillest music to calm your study anxiety.

7.     Study lighting is just right.

It’s easy to get frustrated when studying in dim lighting while holed up in a deep corner of some academic building. At Iorio’s, every seat is a window seat, so you can remember there’s actually a world beyond studying, believe it or not. And our lighting is the perfect combo of not too bright, but not too sleepy, which is also an accurate description of every student during finals week.

8.     Get to where you need to be when studying: AWAY.

It’s hard to stay focused on exams when your friend is next door raging. It’s even harder when the city is so packed it’s impossible to find some peace and quiet. Iorio’s is tucked away right off the border of campus so you’ll have a buffer between you and everything else. Get here, and get going.

9.     Remember that delicious coffee we mentioned? Yeah, it’s FREE sometimes.

EVERY DAY THIS WEEK WE SERVE FREE COFFEE FROM 11AM-3PM. For real. Our MSU Student Study Hours (click here) are a great way to get that extra push you need, without worrying about paying. We’ll say it again for the people in the back…that great Zingerman’s brew is ALL YOURS FOR 4 HOURS EVERY DAY! This is the only happy hour you should be going to this week, and it’s one you won’t regret the next day. We know you’re a student, and you’re broke. You’re welcome in advance.

    10. Need we say more?

We’ll sum it up for you: Great coffee. Great gelato. Great tunes. Great parking. It’s every student’s studying fantasy. Live that fantasy at Iorio’s Gelato & Caffé, 1034 Trowbridge Road.

Credit: Taylor Orebaugh