Iorio's Gelato Blog

Have No Fear, Dietary Accommodations Are Here!

Iorio’s recognizes that not everyone is comfortable or able to indulge in all of our flavors, whether it is due to allergies, intolerances, or simple preferences on ingredients that our customers would rather avoid.  

First and foremost, we would like you all to feel welcome to ask any of our knowledgeable staff about any questions you may have regarding ingredients or how our gelato is processed and we will always be happy to help!

Additionally, we would like to highlight a few options that are available to our customers that you may not have been aware of:

Vegan & Dairy Intolerance/Allergies:

Iorio’s serves sorbetto, a frozen dessert that is ice-based rather than milk-based.  In other words, it contains no dairy products.  With rare exception, our sorbetto flavors are vegan-friendly and come in a wide variety of flavors ranging from Bittersweet Chocolate to Basil to our famous Mango. Our waffle cones are vegan as well, so feel free to try out your sorbetto with a sweet, crunchy cone!

Gluten Intolerance:

The majority of our gelato and sorbetto flavors are gluten-free.  We do on occasion have flavors that include cake, cookie, or brownie pieces; however, on any given day there are plenty of options for those that choose or need to avoid products containing gluten.  

Nut Allergies:

A number of our gelato flavors do contain nuts, though certainly not all of them.  Keep in mind that many of our flavors have traditional Italian names, and it may not be obvious that they contain nuts, so again, please feel free to ask if you have any concerns.

A Note on Alcohol:

Iorio’s provides a number of gelato and sorbetto flavors that are initially processed with different types of alcoholic beverages; many are traditional to Italy, such as the rum in our Zuppa Inglese or Limoncello liqueur in our Limoncello flavor.  However, the final gelato and sorbetto product has no remaining alcohol content.

And don't forget that we list our in store flavors on our website if you'd like to check beforehand.