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Gelatista of the Month: Mysha Bryan

Our Gelatista of the Month for December is Mysha! She'll be studying abroad next semester in Italy, so she'll be keeping us updated on all her gelato related adventures. We'll miss you, Mysha!


What is your favorite gelato flavor?

Turtle Cheesecake or Spumoni!

How long have you been on the Iorio’s Team and what keeps you coming back?

I’ve been on the Iorio’s (Dream) Team for about five months. I keep coming back because a) I love gelato, and b) to spend quality time with my gelato family.

When you’re not scooping gelato or brewing espresso, what can we find you doing?

I am an Earth Science major at UofM, so when I am not at work I am usually nerding out about new fossils at the Ruthven Natural Science museum. I also like to play outside, listen to stand up comedy, and rock out the Rolling Stones.

What’s one thing about you that customers would be surprised to know?

I make the worst jokes ALL the time then laugh at how bad they are.

If you could create one dream gelato flavor, what would it be?

Double Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cookie Dough Brownie Chunk.