Iorio's Gelato Blog

The Diary of an Imaginative Gelatista

Emily, one of our more imaginative gelatistas in East Lansing, took the time on a slow morning to create flavor profiles for a few of our flavors. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Which one do you think you're most like? Emily feels that she is slightly a stracciatella, salted caramel, Zingerman’s coffee with a hint of vanilla (YUM).

Just like how you can mix as many flavors in any size at the store, same goes for the personalities -- it’s NOT one personality fits all.

Also, you may not identify with ANY of these characteristics and that’s okay too, that’s why you should come in and put a personality to the flavors yourself!


This guy is very well liked and he knows it too! He has a personality that radiates confidence and slight arrogance. He is a social butterfly and gets along with everybody. Every personality wants a taste of this guy.

Zuppa Inglese   

Such a mysterious character! Nobody can figure this person out and she is always keeping people guessing. She is really popular with some people, but some are not a fan of her ambiguous persona.

Mango & Cream  

She has an eye for fashion and makes a statement with her appearance. People are so in awe of her style that she usually can get away with saying few words when socializing. Though she is considered approachable and not intimidating.


One of the cockiest people you will ever meet. He is well aware of how loved he is and uses it to his advantage. If this guy is competing for affection with someone he will win every time. His competitive aura and good looks turn people on.


This woman can be a real brat. She has no filter and will say whatever she thinks (even if it is not so nice). People like her when she giving sweet feedback, but when she acts sassy people get really irritated.

Crème Brule  

The sophisticated and elegant person who has seriously expensive taste. They will be your best friend if you meet the lavish standard they maintain for whom they associate with, but you are likely to be a victim of judgment with this character.

Chocolate Oreo  

Oh this man is the life of the party! He always is the first to arrive and last to leave because he likes to party hard. This is somebody who is great to have fun with, but not so good at maintaining a serious, genuine conversation.


Shy and sweet! She always has a smile on her face and is full of positivity. Loves self-reflection, yoga, and poetry. She keeps to herself most of the time and takes a while to open to people. She has a tendency to fall in love with a lot of people and unfortunately it is usually not reciprocated because she is too quiet to voice how she feels.

Salted Caramel  

The emotional rollercoaster, manipulating, dazzling diva. When this person feels good they will act as the most endearing, charming character, but if they feel down you do not want to be around them. They have the ability to make you the happiest person alive or the saddest.

Cookie Butter  

The best word to describe her is “infatuation.” She will have you dreaming of her and keep you coming back for more. The only problem is she knows how wanted she is and takes that into consideration when she needs/wants something from you.

Thin Mint  

The coolest dude you will ever meet! Never fights with anyone and often plays the role of the mediator with other characters. His knowledge about music, art, and traveling will have to wanting to talk to him for hours. He always says the right things and everyone either wants to be like him or friends with him.

Zingerman’s Coffee  

The studious character that is always studying something and babbling about a topic that they find fascinating. Drinks way too much coffee and talks at such a fast pace it can be challenging to pay attention. This person always has your back with educational questions.  

Tart Cherry Sorbetto

A ballerina with an edge. The personality is best described as vibrant and spunky. Never take her at face value because she will lure you in with a shiny appeal and then take a sour twist.

Raspberry Sorbetto  

An emotional character who demonstrates a sweet sensitivity in all endeavors. He’s the type of gentleman who will buy roses for strangers on the street and show public affection with those he admires.

Pineapple Sorbetto  

A tanned tropical beauty that considers tanning on the beach a full time job. She will dazzle you with her tangy charm. She is also a dedicated vegan who loves to cook using lots of fruits and vegetables.

Mango Sorbetto  

Someone who is wise beyond their years and always gives great advice. This character is very goal-oriented and makes many plans for the future. They exude a calm and sweet energy everyone craves.