Iorio's Gelato Blog

Iorio's Secret Menu

1. Catie's Iced Coffee: cold brew + whole milk + vanilla

It's lightly sweet, creamy, and most importantly, very caffeinated. Just order a cold brew with a dash of milk and a shot of vanilla syrup!

2. Nutty Hot Chocolate: Italian hot chocolate + spoonful of Nutella

Everyone knows that we love Nutella at Iorio's-- it's no secret. So why not add it to our Italian hot chocolate? Go ahead..nothing's stopping you.

3. Dirty Hot Chocolate: Italian hot chocolate + shot of espresso

Honestly, our hot chocolate is the best around. Add a shot of espresso if you need a caffeine fix, but want something sweeter than a caffe mocha. 

4. London Fog: earl grey tea + steamed milk + vanilla

Our Earl Grey Tea gelato is known far and wide and indeed has a cult following, so we wanted to have a specialty hot drink too!

5. Gelato Shakes: gelato of choice + milk

We don’t have shakes on our menu, but we do have a blender. If you ask your gelatista nicely, I’m sure they won’t hesitate to whip you up a gelato shake. It’s like a milkshake...but better.