Iorio's Gelato Blog

"How do you say that?"

At Iorio’s, we love to celebrate our Italian heritage! We are so proud to share our little piece of Italy with our customers. However, we find that some of our customers struggle to pronounce the names of more traditional flavors. Each flavor at Iorio’s has its own story to tell and its own unique ingredients and textures. So, we’ve made a guide to understanding some of these extraordinary, yet hard-to-pronounce flavors - so you can enjoy them, too!

Stracciatella  “strah-chah-tell-uh”

Similar to chocolate chip ice cream, this favorite gelato flavor is a staple at Iorio’s. It’s actually based on an Italian soup of the same name, though the classic gelato version consists of a panna creme base with dark chocolate shavings. However, you might also see other flavors like Coffee Stracciatella or Blueberry Stracciatella, which indicate a coffee or blueberry base with chocolate shavings respectively.

Bacio “bah-cho”

Bacio means “kiss” in Italian, and is made of dark chocolate gelato with hazelnut pieces. Based on the popular chocolate candy, it's a classic Italian flavor.

Zuppa Inglese “zoo-pah een-glay-zay

This popular flavor literally translates to “English soup,” perhaps derived from the English trifle dessert. It’s a custardy sweet flavor that mixes well with almost anything!

Gianduia “jahn-doo-yah”

We often compare this flavor to Nutella since it’s a smooth milk chocolate hazelnut flavor. It’s a favorite with kids and adults alike!

Spumoni “spuh-mohn-ee”

Based on a traditional layered gelato dessert, this flavor has all the favorites in one! It includes zuppa inglese and gianduia with pistachio gelato, whole maraschino cherries, and almond halves. Come celebrate National Spumoni Day on August 21st!

Limoncello “lee-mohn-chell-oh”

This tart gelato was inspired by the Italian lemon liqueur of the same name, mainly produced in Southern Italy. Although its specific origin is debated, it's said that limoncello is at least 100 years old.

Profiterole “proh-fit-er-ohl”

We borrowed from the French with this one, a panna gelato with cream puffs based on the traditional French dessert. Gelato and cream puffs are a match made in heaven.