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Can gelato predict the next President of the United States?

We think so.

Though this year’s Presidential campaign has been quite sour we’re doing our part to sweeten it up! This week we released two new election-themed gelato flavors, “Cookies and Clinton” and “Trump’s Rocky Road”, and are inviting people to vote with their tastebuds.

The two flavors were chosen soliciting ideas from the community in conjunction with working with our head gelato chef:

Cookies & Clinton

Don’t let the name fool you, this is no safe or normal Cookies & Cream flavor. A Mexican vanilla gelato filled with five different types of cookies, this flavor is full of secrets! Just like any good campaign some of these secret cookies maybe will be disclosed as we get closer to the election, so you can find out what makes this flavor dangerously good!

Trump's Rocky Road

A twist on the classic Rocky Road flavor, the biggest difference is that Trump’s version contains LOTS and LOTS of NUTS! Trump’s Rocky Road is made with a milk white chocolate gelato featuring a specialty nut blend, including roasted almonds, pecans, and peanuts. Along with a scattering of orange-tinted marshmallows, this rocky road is very much Trump's Rocky Road.

Cookies & Clinton features 5 secret cookies, and Trump's Rocky Road, has TONS of nuts!

Cookies & Clinton features 5 secret cookies, and Trump's Rocky Road, has TONS of nuts!

Everyone is invited to vote!

Unlike the real Presidential election we’re allowing everyone to vote. Yes, that’s right. No age limits. No citizenship restrictions. Everyone gets their say.

There are several ways to vote:

  1. Vote online.

  2. Vote with your tastebuds. Come buy a cup of your favorite gelato flavor at one of our gelateria cafes or order online and get the flavor of your choosing delivered to your door.

By voting for a flavor before election day voters will be entered to win a free case of the election gelato flavor of their choosing!

Want more gelato? Spread the vote!

If you’re a company or organization you are invited to share the Election Gelato Campaign with your office for a chance to win a FREE office gelato party. Just send an email to with your company name, and share with your team, making sure your team members use their official company email address. Each team member who votes earns your company an additional chance to win the FREE gelato party!

Winners will be announced on Election Day

Polls close noon on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8. Then we’ll count up the votes and release the winning gelato flavor. Then we’ll all get to see if the winning gelato flavor corresponds with the winning U.S. President!

Here's to a sweeter Presidential Election!


Here's the Scoop: ice cream vs. gelato

Children’s (2).jpg

When customers walk in, one of the most common questions they have for our gelatistas is, "What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?"  It is commonly thought that gelato is just the Italian word for ice cream, but Iorio's is here to help set the record straight.

Upon your first sample of our gelato, one of the first differences you may notice is that the gelato is much creamier and denser than typical ice cream.  To further investigate, we've compiled a list of the main factors to consider when differentiating: ingredients, processing steps, and manner by which it is served.

Ingredients: Milk vs. Cream

A key difference between gelato and ice cream is that gelato uses milk as its key dairy ingredient whereas ice cream uses cream.  This may not seem like a drastic difference, but it results in a much different taste and texture.  The use of milk results in a much lower fat content than ice cream, which makes it a lighter treat.

Processing: Slow Churning

What makes gelato so much denser than ice cream, you might ask?  It’s all in the air, or rather, the lack of it!  When gelato is churned, it is done much more slowly than ice cream, resulting in less air in the mixture, leading to a dense and satisfying texture.  It also means that when you order your piccolo, medio, or even splurge on a pint at one of our stores, you are getting more for what you pay for than if you were to order the same size container of ice cream.

How it’s Served: Scapes, Not Scoops

If you’ve ever entered our store, you will notice that we do not have the typical ice cream scoop you may see at other ice cream parlors.  Rather, Iorio’s serves its gelato with the more traditional scape or spade.  These tools are similar to spatulas, with a flat, metal surface with is used to slide the gelato into the container.

Additionally, gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream.  This allows it to have a much softer consistency without melting quickly as ice cream would at the same temperature.  Due to this warmer temperature, there is no numbing sensation on the tongue, and you are able to experience a sharper and more distinct taste.

Of course, we won’t outright say that gelato is superior to any ice cream, so you'll have to come decide for yourself.