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Gelatista Recommended Flavor Combinations

So many flavors, so little time. We know that it can be overwhelming when you have to choose your gelato flavors. We try to make it easier by giving you as many samples as you need to make the decision, but it is still really difficult! 

Nobody knows gelato better than our gelatistas; so we  asked them what their favorite gelato flavor combinations are, to make your job a bit easier. 


Other gelatista favorites include

  • Green Tea+Mango
  • Violet+Raspberry
  • Key Lime Pie+Fior
  • Banana Caramel Pie+Dark Chocolate
  • Raspberry+Matcha
  • Salted Caramel+Chocolate+Hazelnut

Ask your gelatista what his or her favorite flavor combination is!


Free Gelato from Iorio’s Gelateria on Friday, July 29th!

To celebrate its 5-year anniversary in Ann Arbor, Iorio’s Gelateria is handing out free gelato from noon to 5 pm on Friday, July 29.

For the past five years we’ve enjoyed Iorio’s artisan gelato and to celebrate their five years in Ann Arbor Iorio’s Gelateria is offering free gelato to the Ann Arbor community! To celebrate its fifth year in business, Iorio’s Gelateria is handing out free gelato from noon to 5 pm on Friday, July 29. Join Iorio’s Gelateria at 522 E William St to celebrate five years of great gelato in Ann Arbor, and hopefully another five years of even more gelato flavors to try!

“We wanted to do something to thank the Ann Arbor community, which has supported us over the past five years,” owners Mary and Nick Lemmer said about the event.

Inspired by their family’s Italian heritage, brother-sister duo, Mary and Nick Lemmer, opened Iorio’s in Ann Arbor in 2011. The business began when Mary started an Italian ice food cart in 2004 while attending high school in Lansing, Michigan. The business has since grown to the store in Ann Arbor and another store in East Lansing, where they make their gelato using traditional Italian methods and fresh, natural, and local ingredients. The gelateria was designed by award-winning architect, Neal Robinson, and has received the American Institute of Architects (of Huron Valley) Design Excellence Award.

Both siblings will be at the anniversary celebration to meet the community and personally serve gelato and coffee drinks to guests.

Please contact Mary Lemmer at 517-927- 8196 for any additional questions or information.

Your Favorite Gelato + A Shot of Espresso

This is the recipe for a delicious treat. Hot and cold, bitter and sweet, the perfect combination: the Affogato.

The word affogato means “drowned” in Italian, and is the name for this gelato-espresso wonder. Very often, customers come into the store and can’t decide if they want an espresso drink or gelato. Why not both?

The traditional Italian Affogato is made with vanilla gelato, however I always suggest mixing it up. A shot of espresso goes great poured over our Bacio gelato (a dark chocolate gelato with sliced hazelnuts), our Zuppa Inglese (English custard), or my personal favorite: Nutella Cheesecake. 

Never too hot, never too cold, always just right!

With over 100 gelato flavors to choose from, Iorio’s gives the traditional Italian concoction a creative twist. Adding a hot shot of espresso to any of our flavors is a perfect way to enjoy gelato, especially with the winter approaching!

Which one of our flavors makes the perfect Affogato? Tell us what you think!

Written by Kate Saslow

Here's the Scoop: ice cream vs. gelato

Children’s (2).jpg

When customers walk in, one of the most common questions they have for our gelatistas is, "What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?"  It is commonly thought that gelato is just the Italian word for ice cream, but Iorio's is here to help set the record straight.

Upon your first sample of our gelato, one of the first differences you may notice is that the gelato is much creamier and denser than typical ice cream.  To further investigate, we've compiled a list of the main factors to consider when differentiating: ingredients, processing steps, and manner by which it is served.

Ingredients: Milk vs. Cream

A key difference between gelato and ice cream is that gelato uses milk as its key dairy ingredient whereas ice cream uses cream.  This may not seem like a drastic difference, but it results in a much different taste and texture.  The use of milk results in a much lower fat content than ice cream, which makes it a lighter treat.

Processing: Slow Churning

What makes gelato so much denser than ice cream, you might ask?  It’s all in the air, or rather, the lack of it!  When gelato is churned, it is done much more slowly than ice cream, resulting in less air in the mixture, leading to a dense and satisfying texture.  It also means that when you order your piccolo, medio, or even splurge on a pint at one of our stores, you are getting more for what you pay for than if you were to order the same size container of ice cream.

How it’s Served: Scapes, Not Scoops

If you’ve ever entered our store, you will notice that we do not have the typical ice cream scoop you may see at other ice cream parlors.  Rather, Iorio’s serves its gelato with the more traditional scape or spade.  These tools are similar to spatulas, with a flat, metal surface with is used to slide the gelato into the container.

Additionally, gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream.  This allows it to have a much softer consistency without melting quickly as ice cream would at the same temperature.  Due to this warmer temperature, there is no numbing sensation on the tongue, and you are able to experience a sharper and more distinct taste.

Of course, we won’t outright say that gelato is superior to any ice cream, so you'll have to come decide for yourself.


Benvenuti and welcome, fellow gelatovores, to Iorio's very own blog!

It's been more than a decade since Nick and Mary Lemmer, Iorio's co-owners and siblings, began selling authentic Italian ice out of a cart at events and fairs across Michigan. The Iorio's Gelato of today is not only the product of the countless experiences, challenges, and triumphs of the past ten years. It is also a reflection of hundreds of years of Italian culture and Iorio family history.

As we continue to strive for delivering the highest quality gelato and espresso in our very own little piece of Italy, we are committed to incorporating our rich history with an innovative future. And we want to share all of it with you, our loyal gelato friends and family!

Stop by our blog to learn more about our people, our products, and our history. We'll be posting stories about the Iorio's family and our wonderful staff, highlighting new and classic products, and sharing the latest and greatest in gelato making and coffee brewing techniques. 

We want this blog to be a place not only for you to learn about us, but for us to learn about you, too! If you have a question you'd like us to answer, a topic you'd like to know more about, or a flavor suggestion, let us know!

Keep an eye out for our second post. The question on everyone's mind: How is gelato different than ice cream?

Ciao, tutti!