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Your Favorite Gelato + A Shot of Espresso

This is the recipe for a delicious treat. Hot and cold, bitter and sweet, the perfect combination: the Affogato.

The word affogato means “drowned” in Italian, and is the name for this gelato-espresso wonder. Very often, customers come into the store and can’t decide if they want an espresso drink or gelato. Why not both?

The traditional Italian Affogato is made with vanilla gelato, however I always suggest mixing it up. A shot of espresso goes great poured over our Bacio gelato (a dark chocolate gelato with sliced hazelnuts), our Zuppa Inglese (English custard), or my personal favorite: Nutella Cheesecake. 

Never too hot, never too cold, always just right!

With over 100 gelato flavors to choose from, Iorio’s gives the traditional Italian concoction a creative twist. Adding a hot shot of espresso to any of our flavors is a perfect way to enjoy gelato, especially with the winter approaching!

Which one of our flavors makes the perfect Affogato? Tell us what you think!

Written by Kate Saslow