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Iorio’s Origins: 5 Things to Know about Morrone del Sannio

The Iorio family originated in Morrone del Sannio, Italy.  Morrone, as we call it for short, is a municipality in the Campobasso province in the Molise region in Italy. It’s a small town, but is full of history and charm. Here are five facts about Marrone we wanted to share with our loyal Iorio’s following:

  1. History of Morrone del Sannio. In the 15th century Morrone was a fiefdom of the Santangelo and then Di Sangro. The two fuedal lords, in 1303, were Giovanni and Adelmario
  2. Morrone tradition. On the first Sunday in May the statue of the Virgin Mary is carried in a procession to the parish church of Morrone, and the second in October when it is carried back to the chapel in Casalpiano, in a symbolic seasonal migration parallel to the migration of shepherds to Apulia.
  3. Food of Morrone. A very typical dish in Morrone are cookies called “pecellate”, which are made with semolina flour, walnuts, wine, and orange peel.
  4. The patron saint of Morrone is San Modesto.
  5. A sight worth seeing. The ruins of the Badia of Casalpiano, which were built in the 12th century & destroyed by the terrible earthquake in 1456, are second only to the natural, breathtaking views of Morrone.


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